I’ve done a lot of game girls on the blog so far for over a year now! To the point where it may be difficult to track down the ones you’re a fan of. Hopefully the list below the image will come in helpful. You can comment at the bottom of this post with girls you want to be added. I want this collection to be as comprehensive as possible. So make sure I don’t miss anyone!



This is a celebration of girls in games and an exploration of the pixel art form. It is a personal challenge to see what I can achieve and learn from the history of video games, starting from the perspective of its female protagonists.


Aloy – Horizon: Zero Dawn
Alyx Vance – Half Life 2
Aurora – Child of Light
Aveline de Grandpré – Assassins Creed Liberation
Celeste – Mirror’s Edge
Chell – Portal
Clara Lille – Watch Dogs
Cortanna – Halo
Demi – Cloudbuilt
Elizabeth – Bioshock Infinite
Faith – Mirror’s Edge
Hannah – Battlefield 4
Inkling – Splatoon
Jill of the Jungle
Jodi Holmes – Beyond Two Souls
Journier – Journey
Juliet Starling – Lollipop Chainsaw
Konoko – Oni
Lara Croft / Animated
Maxine Caulfield – Life Is Strange 8Bit
Nariko – Heavenly Sword
Nilin – Remember Me
Nova Terra – Starcraft 2
Patricia Wagon – Mighty Switch Force
Princess Peach
Red – Transistor
Shantae – Half Genie Hero
Sweet Autumn – Sanctum 2
Skye – Sanctum 2
Sarah Kerrigan – Startcraft 2
Trip – Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
Tron Bonne – Megaman
Valkyr – Warframe
Vinyl Goddess of Mars

Gravity Rush


Heroes of the Storm

Jaina Proudmoore

Metal Gear Solid

The silent sniper
Meryl Silverburgh

Metal Slug

Fio Germi

Terms of Use

None! These characters belong to their respective companies, but feel free to use mine anywhere and drop me a link if you can be bothered. If you would like a higher resolution or a transparent background version send me an email: [email protected]