So it turns out my list of girls from KoF wasn’t as extensive as I had thought. So I’ve actually got a whole pile to get through now. Sigh. I knew it looked to easy.
In other news one of my teeth decided it couldn’t handle life anymore and a piece snuck away with some pizza. It’s on first molar on the bottom left hand side, just before you get to your canines. an inside chunk is gone. The tooth is mostly made out of filling anyways. I’m pretty sure last time I went not that long ago the dentist pretty much said “It’s just a crappy shell, don’t get to attached to it because it’s not that attached to you.”
The tooth itself feels fine, however the sharp bits of filling are scraping away at the side of my tongue and I’ve had this weird lisp where I don’t open my mouth very wide all day as a slight counter measure.
I’m glad I did a tax return recently or I’d probably have to rent out my services as a tooth ruiner to the dentist to create him some new patients. Just running around punching teeth in or offering joggers glass bottles to drink from.