There was a slight hiccup in the process of drawing Sheik where I was being informed that she might actually be a he, even though she’s actually Zelda in disguise. I think the main muddle is whether or not it’s a magical transformation and grows a doodle or not, since she gets all masculine and stuff. In the end I went with how the wiki describes her, and not with the fan hypothesis. And besides, I see no buldge. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to make a call on a characters sex. Speaking of which I still need to do Leo Kliesen.
I went back on my word about drawing Zero Suit Samus. It had to be done. I really feel like Nintendo was scraping the barrel for decent female characters for the game. I mean, these two are technically double ups, and Rosalina is just dumb. I dunno, are we counting Jigglypuff as a girl? Or is that as unfair as counting all Ladybugs as girls.
Interesting thing I found out about Samus, in the original games, if you were super awesome at it you’d get rewarded by this at the end. Which is more of a carrot than the rocket ship on Tetris I guess.