Lilith, the little boobless version of Morrigan which you should totally buy as a print by the way.
So I moved into my brothers place this time last week. I’m house sitting for 5 months while he goes off and does stuff with the airforce. The cat is half feral, the fridge is full of Bourbon, and the sound system is constantly pumping my Soundcloud favourites list.
Pretty good so far. This is the first time I’ve technically lived out of home, not including the year I spent living out of a single bag (the year I started this blog actually.)
I’ve got Becky here as well and we’re getting used to the whole “I want to sleep/I want to watch movies till well past midnight is that ok?” thing.
This morning we flooded the Laundry. Becky noticed that there was a wet spot on the carpet before she noticed that the laundry sink was overflowing with tons of water. Oops.