Princess Peach, in all her glory. I never did save her. She isn’t even in the original mario game I played. We had the simple (Not super) Mario Bro’s that was more like a mini game than the full blown platforming experience that everyone relates to Mario now. We had it on our Atari ST (can’t remember the exact model number, 520 maybe?) and was completely green, unless you plugged it into a TV screen, in which case everything popped out in glorious colour. These days I find the slideyness of Mario (New Super Mario on the NDS) just to annoying to get used to. It’s like he’s on a Crocodile Slide or has  I’d much rather play Duke Nukem.
I’ve been trialling the new embeddable G+ comment system for a wee while now, not long after it came out actually. I’m a big proponent for G+ and all its related services. I sacrificed the open nature of disqus for the new comment system even. Unfortunately I wasn’t recieving notifications or emails or anything when people (seldomly) commented on my shit, so it’s back to disqus, a comment system that has proven itself through thick and thin, and generally looks better than all the alternatives, including G+. Don’t get me started on facebooks system, now that’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen, even the Blogger default is better than that.