Christie Monteiro

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More girls finished. More are in the works already. Kunimitsu is up there as one of my top favourites I’ve finished so far now. Which is good since Christie came out as a total shit-fest when I started her.

I’ve found my mood at work can be directly tied to the Effective PPI of the images I have to work with. Dad tried conspiratorially telling me last night that they use big pictures in magazines so they don’t need to write as much. To a certain degree this is totally true. And the other half is that big pictures always look fantastic. Also people feel ripped off if you have a little bit of text floating in the middle of a page with an equally tiny image above it swimming in a sea of white space. Those are my wise professional industry words on the subject. Take that to the bank. Get interest on it, and send the interest back this way to this post plz k thx.

We’ve had a few amusing phone calls at work. The first I recall was when the app version of the magazine was released. We have a deal that allows subscribers of the magazine to have a free subscription of the digital version. Which is nice. Anyway, some guy called up demanding a free iPad with the app version installed on it. Worth a shot I guess.
I’ve heard tell of another caller who rang up to abuse us over an article published in a gay mens magazine. I don’t think they figured out that ours was a totally different magazine which has none of that sort of content in it.