Anna Williams

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Anna Williams needed to be reworked, the original one kept getting mistaken for Ada Wong from Resident Evil.
I’ve started to develop a way of doing “cute” feet rather than sharp points. Hopefully this won’t be a jarring style change when I do the final group shot at the end.
I bought Tekken Tag 2 today! Just to make sure my nostalgia of the series wasn’t ill placed. I have to say it’s definitely a step up from Street Fighter. It flows better, and the control scheme and instructions for how to do moves make sense. Street Fighter showed you how to do moves by way of arcane scribblings which vaguely resembled a controller and nineteen billion times out of ten the move didn’t work. Feel free to put this down to me being a noob. But with Tekken you can learn your character pretty quickly and then get down to the business of figuring out how to juggle your opponent for as long as possible.
Unfortunately everyone who plays online already knows how to do that. I think of it as the mode you go on to to say “Ha, look at that idiot with that random arse character, he couldn’t do shi-” and then promptly watch your character not touch the ground for the duration of your shameful visit to Put-in-your-place-ville.


Work has been going well! A lot of funny stories are starting to leak out of the place which I’m enjoying. Deadlines galore, but let us assume that this is always the case and not worth mentioning. One of my first came from Quin when I totally hooked him up with a job there. He was gonna act as our online marketing guy, playing on Facebook and stuff all day. After our morning meeting (and about an hour or so into the day) he comes to me and tells me he may have got another job somewhere else, and then promptly buggers off. Andre (Editor) comes in and says “I didn’t think my morning meetings were that bad.”
The aftermath was that the job he was told he got somewhere else was twisted into being “Oh we found some more people and now your all vying for the same spot.”
Fortunately he’s found himself some decent work now which doesn’t require a week of unpaid work and parking fairs.


Later on Ben heard of the event and tried applying as well. Tim sent me an email asking if I knew who Ben was. I said I did but quickly added a disclaimer that I’m in no way responsible for friends and acquaintances who suddenly ditch the premises. The great thing about these run ins is that I got to have a fun look at their CV’s. Ben appears to put “Ladies man” at the top of his skills list. It’s a very long list. Which makes sense, since chicks dig guys with skills. Having so many skills starts to snow ball after a while.

We’ve had our first positive reviews on Spark and M2 Australia. I’ve found out that Apple is deceptively fragmented. Reviews and ratings seem to be all over the place willy nilly. Some only show up on the website, or iTunes or on the app store on your device. It’s a real pain in the ass.
While we’re on the topic of iTunes being a (surprise surprise) pain in the ass, I’ve been trying to copy over my Walking Dead data so I can keep my save for the second season (whenever it comes out, I don’t want to leave 3gigs or so of data clogging up my pitiful amount of space).
So I start it up, “shit not enough space on C:, I better change where everythings getting offloaded… Ok that Should have worked, but it isn’t, fair enough. Can’t expect it to move everything over half way through an operation.”
So this part was forgivable. But what I didn’t appreciate was when iTunes found my meticulously arranged folders of games and apps & decided to go spasticated and THROW EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE. It felt like it was saying “Haven’t you seen an average mac desktop?? We despise foldering systems! HERE! Have everything spread across 4 or 5 screens, now it’l be much easier to click on what you want!” “But won’t it be harder to find it?” “Ha ha, we made the search feature for a reason and we don’t need organised people like you thwarting that magical feature.”
Screw you iTunes, I wish I didn’t have to rely on you for a career.