Julia Chang

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Been getting these out at a fair clip I reckon. Today we have Jaycee & Julia Chang, who are apparently the same person, But I figured it didn’t really count as an alternate outfit, since It’s so radically different and comes as a separate character. So whatever.
I’ve decided that my pet hate is digital devices that beep forever. These are probably the most annoying things I have ever come across. It feels like Chinese water torture when you can’t go stomping around the house waking everyone up to neutralise the watch or whatever it is that needs so much attention.
Today at work we got some analytics back on one of our digital magazines. Turns out the Editors letter section doesn’t get read as much as every other part of the magazine. Even the ad got more hits. There were some jokes flying around about insolent employees who point this out get to loose their chair etc. On the way out the door for the evening I stop by the editor. “Don’t worry man, I read the editors section.” “Thanks.” I start to walk out then stop and turn around “…For spell checking.”
Oh if you have an iPad you should totally go download Spark and give me some critique or whatever. Maybe even read the editors letter. It’s a totally free magazine. So you really have nothing to lose other than some bandwidth.