Miharu Hirano
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Admittedly Miharu looks all wack and warpy, but Zafina totally makes up for that. Zafina has been one of my surprise favourites of Tekken Tag 2. She wasn’t in Tekken 3 and she makes a great addition to the series I think. I kind of imagine of her as the Voldo of Tekken with more sex appeal.
Valentines went better than expected, but I’m not gonna eat my words or anything. What a waste of perfectly good words. Becky & I went to pick up some nerf guns in the middle of nowhere and ended up strolling down Dominion Road looking for something to eat. We went past a million ratty Indian, Thai, and japanese restaurants, which was sort of what we were after until we hit a New York styled pizza place. The waitress servicing us (heh) asked me “Did you play *insert obligatory sport here* at high school?” “No?” “Have you been here before?” “Uh no.” “Were you at Piha the other day playing cricket where you had the one hand one bounce rule?” “Yes. 0_0″
Afterwards I turned to Becky and said “If I was single and Matt I would say this was destiny!” she didn’t seem impressed. But it was valentines! If there was ever an appropriate time to get a number this would be it.
I discussed these points with Matt the next day. I think we tapped into how this dating random people thing should work without having to resort to clubs, bars and date rape. Just bump into someone once. Then stalk their day to day life for a while, and find the most appropriate way to slot yourself into it for a “chance” meeting. An example could include going past with your trolly in a supermarket several times until they notice you, accidentally bumping your trolly into them if they turn out to be quite unobservant prey future soul mates.
I hope this helps.