Valentine! From Skullgirls. She has a saw thing attached to her back but I decided not to include it for aesthetic reasons.
The other day I managed to pick up Enslaved: Odyssey to the West during the Steam Midweek Madness sale for 5 bucks. I’ve heard many things about this game, and one of the things I heard was that I should play it. It always had a certain allure to me. Unfortunatly, since I don’t really “do” consoles (do = own) I never had an opportunity.
But someone was nice enough to create a shoddy PC port of the game. Now when I say shoddy, I mean changing the graphics options ingame literally does nothing. You need to change the .ini file to be able to even begin squeezing the goodness out of this game. Fortunately someone on Steam has a walkthrough.
I had to crank my shadows up a bit more and turn on some other misc settings that looked interesting. I didn’t bother doing any screen refresh stuff other than uncapping the FPS. Also I haven’t really bothered looking into Anti Aliasing much yet, but I’m sure if I did it’d improve my screenshots immediately.