May as well keep trucking along with the Skullgirls series. I love the art style of this game. for some reason I recall oldschool cartoons as I look at it. Like the original Steamboat Mickey or Popeye even though it’s slanting for the Anime thing. I went to look up the artist of the game to give them a plug, and was sad to see they got tied up in the Sexism Witchhunt┬áto which they had to do another response. It’s totally ridiculous that shit like that has to be even said. I guess it’s great for click baiting. I feel like all this stuff ties into the #gate that shall not be named. If I thought that the situation wasn’t full of assholes on every side I’d probably do a proper post about it. But I’m just a guy who draws pixels. So I’ll leave it at that until the dust clears and there’s a clear understand about what anyone’s actually even arguing about.