So I was pretty stoked when I read that Alien: Isolation was going to have Preorder DLC with Ellen in it. They did a wicked awesome job at her render. I’m fully pumped for this game. One of my prerequisites for doing these 8Bit Characters is that they must have a strong presence within a game. For a while Ripley hasn’t checked that box. Well, she sorta has, but I haven’t been counting it.

I noticed that the official site doesn’t have any nice high res versions of the concept art and the new Nostromo crew. So for the sake of us all I’ve gone to the liberty of tracking a couple down and leaving them here. Open in New Tab and then save ’em! Edit Crap, Blogger has condensed them. Oh well, Ripley is Here.





I won’t be doing Amanda Ripley till some full body shots come to light. Hopefully They get onto it soon.