I got asked on G+ how many of these girls I had done. I wrote such a long comment that I figured I may as well make it a blog post here, as a quick rundown and “behind the scenes” peek at how I’m doing with my 8Bit Girl Series.

Bayonetta. Done. She’s actually one of my favourites that I’ve drawn.
I’ve been holding off from doing the Mortal Kombat Girls for now.
Ivy is the only character from Soulcalibur I’ve done so far. Blugh, I could probably redraw her better now as well.
Kasumi’s done. She was the second one I did a Screencast of while I drew her. It probably didn’t help. Ha ha. I could probably do a better job.
I haven’t done Morrigan yet even though you’ve already asked. Ha ha
Samus was the very first character I did when I decided to do the series hard out. Although I went with her battlesuit because it’s way cool. She’s also the character I use to standardise the height of all my other characters. Probably shouldn’t be doing that considering how friggin tall she is in the suit.
I haven’t done Jade yet, purely because she’s boring. But she’s on the list.
I haven’t done Tifa yet. The only character I have done for Final Fantasy is Lightning. I’m not opening that can of worms for a while.
Chun Li was my First screencast I did.
Laracroft, done. Ha ha, Even did a run cycle of her.

So that’s 6/10. Not as good as I would have thought. I’m holding off from doing all the big names right away, just so the end of my series isn’t a whole pile of unknowns to everyone.