Edit: To see the unanimated version of her, check it out here.
I finally got around to animating one of these. Turns out it doesn’t look half bad. My only other attempts at animating some 8bit stuff is some Toasty stuff. Oh and the shoddy glowy Cortana, but I don’t count that one. It feels good to get back into animation. At the end of 2008 I wrote myself a time capsule that the Headspace gapyear people held onto for me. They sent it to me late last year. One of the questions was what I expected to be doing right now. I answered that I was going to be doing animation. Design was a career choice that was lurking in the wings the whole time, but animation felt like my calling. I trolled a couple different animation places but there were two problems.
1. Most of the courses only used 2D as a stepping stone to 3D (and as we all know, 3D is laaaame in comparison to 2D. It just lacks soul.)
2. No one was coming away with a job afterwards. One of my friends that did 3D ended up just selling insurance over in Australia.
So then I looked into design. I wanted a course that covered pretty much everything. You’re shooting yourself in the foot if you decide to JUST do print design in my opinion. Massey had the best looking course, so I went for it. Unfortunatly the Auckland department of design didn’t quite offer as many papers as Wellington. But Wellington is an awful long way from Auckland. So there was no way I was commuting there everyday.
I left it way to late and applied the day after submissions closed. Most of my Headspace mates had already gotten their act together before they even left. I was happy just running around in unwashed clothes making videos instead.
Since I applied late I needed to see some sort of Uni Rep who would check me out personally to see if I was worth pushing through the system. She asked what I thought Design was. I said it was a visual way of telling a story to someone in one glimpse. She was stoked with that answer and sent me to one of the heads of the design school. Me and that dude shot the shit about how lame it was that Macromedia had been bought out by Adobe.
The rest is history. Please note, history is a very judgey place. Forgive its prudishness.