It’s been yonks since we last saw the TMGF after they blew up the planet and then awkwardly in the next strip pretended nothing ever happened. These characters are so old now they predate Kdog and Becky joining IZS! This was back when I was going solo desperately scraping the barrel for ideas. Ideas are now piling up around us and it’s more a matter of turning them into things we’re all happy with.

I’ve taken to sketching these out at work these days, so now I have working files like this floating all over my work desktop:

This working sketch is unusual since I usually draw the speech bubbles and text before everything else. But in this instance the script wasn’t polished yet and I was more interested in the visual composition anyways.

↓ Transcript
“We completely screwed up. We let the whole planet explode.”

“Yeah, and the worst part is the mall’s way over there!”