It all started out as a misunderstanding, which turned into a mistake, which progressed into planetcide. After Ergalon lay in ashes, Galag soon discovered that it occupied an uncomfortable position as something more than a mass-murderer but somewhat less than an interstellar scourge. Sensibly realising that changing the past was not an option, Galag decided to add another planet or two to its resume, thereby escaping its semantic limbo.

On an entirely different note, we’re in a book! The very talented Z.R. Southcombe has pooled the intelligences and experience of several talented writers and illustrators (including, inexplicably, the Izak Smells crew) and created a book designed to aid and inspire those new to the joys of writing. It’s called I Am a Writer and it’s out now! If you’re keen to get hold of a copy, this is the best place to go – and if you order during the month of February 2017, you can use the code iamawriter to get 20% off.


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↓ Transcript
Izak and Kristof are watching a gigantic tentacled monster tear apart a city. Izak points excitedly.
“Oh shit, it’s Galag, Destroyer of World!”
“ “World”, singular?”

Obscene and gory destruction is raining down all around them as they calmly converse. Izak now has his phone out.
“Yeah, he’s new to all this.”
“That’s stupid.”

Close up on Izak’s mobile phone screen. He’s just added an S to the end of Galag’s title.
“I know, right? But I’m updating his wiki now!”