Matt and I have been working on something very special these last couple days. We could have been doing proper work, as in work we’re actually paid to do, OR we could spend hours and hours building a joke website no one’s ever going to look at. I present to you:

This is a bit of a post for posterity, so I will be indulging myself about where all our brilliant ideas come from as if this were a DVD featurette.

The idea spawned out of our local discord brochat after one of our members got way too upset about people making a givealittle page for everything that goes wrong in their lives. I felt like I should provide people an alternative means to gain attention as well as emotional help from random kind strangers, but in a form that is palatable to our brochat member. It would require giving away no money and would require very little effort. And thus Thought’s And Prayers was born.

The site itself lets anyone anonymously post to it and bringing attention to literally anything they want. After that anyone can leave unlimited thoughts and prayers by clicking a big blue button. That’s actually pretty much it. Oh yeah, all the posts get uploaded to the Steemit blockchain, so technically we’re on the blockchain which as we all know fixes everything always.

Matt, who worked on the cutting edge button clicking effects was instantly sold. “I used to think Facebook was good enough for my thoughts and prayers until I found the subclause in their user agreement that said they owned all thoughts and prayers transmitted and may subvert their power to grow fat and strong. Now I use Thoughts and Prayers where I know I can actually make a difference.”

Here’s Kristof, another happy customer. “I’ve always believed it’s important to offer up thoughts and prayers in times of tragedy, but sometimes you feel like you’re the only one. With the new Thoughts & Prayers site though, you can see right away that you’re part of a community.”

So yeah, go check it out here. Feel free to chuck whatever you want on it!