I did a bunch of pieces of Sephone, who was the scifi tech noir chick from a couple weeks back. I originally shared them on twitter. but everything just disappears there and I’m conscious that some day I’m gonna want an easy way of looking back at these.

Below is the first one I did, and is what I used to give Kristof an idea of the sort of world I wanted to create. He took it from there and we fleshed out the world a little more together. He’d ask me questions and any I didn’t have any specific answers to he filled in.

I’ve been doing these portraits a lot recently, and I really enjoyed giving her a more round face, it just never ended up happening in the final comic though, But I guess sharp features are more representative of who she is as a character than this baby face version.

I loved the colour palette so much I had to have a go and see how it looked in my old pixel art style. Not that bad.