Guys we have a couple things in the works. I’m pretty excited. We don’t have one, but two zines getting put together! Becky is staying late at work tonight to slice, dice, and bind these bad boys together.

Izak Smells Comic Print out work in progress

The first is called “Don’t Squish Me I’m Organic” and the second is called “Earth 2.0”.

Becky has put in some real hard yards to get us these books, these really wouldn’t be happening without her. She designed and laid up the entire thing! Kristof has also laboriously gone through the scripts and made sure there are no stray typos, you’ll thank him after you’ve read them and don’t get annoyed by bad spelling. Me? I drew some stuff and did the cover for “Earth 2.0”.

We’ll release the cover art and more details about the books once they’re together!