So I’m thinking about a little side project which accompanies the main comic. It won’t have a schedule or anything, but it’s more of a “proof of concept” before we publish the main strip. Essentially it’s for ideas we aren’t quite sure about. So it’d be a looser style that’s drawn just to get the idea down. Then we push it via the usual avenues for you guys to check out. If no one has a problem with it it’ll become a proper comic!

This gives me the chance to actually use some colour as well. And also we may see Kristof’s scripts in an unedited form, giving him the chance to be seen before I can mercilessly veto the shit out of his┬ábabies that he’s slaved over. I don’t know if Becky

So here’s the first one ever! Maybe we’ll do more, maybe we won’t. Who knows! Feel free to share it. =D

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