Update: EA has sent me DMCA takedown notice, and the images have been removed from the server. That’s the way to treat your fans right!

Ok so I’m not sure why I haven’t found these images anywhere else yet (apart from the young faith image hanging at the bottom, that’s been arround for a while). Edit: Ok, so these concept images predate the release of the story trailer by aaages. This one concept image has been on a phone since December last year, and the entire set was found almost a month ago (but completely slipped by my attention.)

The top image is (according to the original file name) Rebecca, who you’ve seen in the story trailer already. She’s got distinctive burns on her arms etc which you can also see in the trailer.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst Rebecca

Also we have male and female KSEC guards. The female is at the top, male at the bottom.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst KSEC employee Female Mirrors Edge Catalyst KSEC Employee Male

Now these last two runners I wasn’t totally sure about. Their tattoos are a departure from what we’ve come to expect from the Mirror’s Edge world, but I don’t believe they belong to a regular group of runners, probably Rebecca’s crew of anarchists, Black November?

Mirror's Edge Catalyst runner (1) Mirror's Edge Catalyst runner (2) Young Faith Mirrors Edge Catalyst