Left: iOS7 on an iPhone 4. Right: Some Android 

So I got the iOS 7 update this morning. Had a little trouble validating it or something but it eventually sorted itself out. I was pretty excited for it. At this juncture my one big complaint is the new folder system that only shows you 9 apps at a time and then needs to be swiped to see the next page full. Makes a bit of sense on the iPhone (arranging apps on different pages is a bitch though) but on an iPad it’s nine folders swimming in a sea of nothing in the middle of the screen. Also the gradient on the Newstand looks gross.

Going into it I was excited for a more Android like environment to work in, but when I was done it felt more like a cartoon network phone. And Android stuff can vary wildly anyway it seems. I think that’s the worst part. If Android releases an aesthetic that no one likes, people can just go and reskin it. In the Apple scene it’s either their way or go eff yourself. And just deal with it till they feel like they need to change it again.
That old Aesthetic had to go though, it urked me from day one.
I’m actually a pretty recent iPhone adopter, like in the past couple months. First smartphone ever. The main difference now is that toilet time has now turned into Find A New App time.