I was having a conversation with one of my coworkers the other day about office extra curricular chores. He’s a smoker and has been saddled with the task of taking the trash out to the bins outside when he goes for a fag. Somehow he’s also been hooked into doing the dishes in the tiny little kitchen as well. Also the other day he was complaining about how fast we went through toilet rolls.

You see, I’m the exact opposite. If I see the possibility of getting hooked into one of these activities I do all I can to not be a creator of the mess. I avoid making dirty cups and dishes at all costs. I don’t smoke and it’s a well known fact non smokers never ever venture outside, as that is the designated smokers zone.
Also I don’t particularly enjoy changing the toilet rolls as the entire mechanism which binds the paper to the wall collapses into pieces if you even attempt to pry the old roll loose. So I normally get cracking into the next one instead. After explaining this my coworker explodes “SO IT’S YOU!! D:<“
I made this video to illustrate.