I’m not sure how you actually get to this guy. But I somehow managed it anyway. I’m assuming it’s when you don’t have any emails selected. Anyway, I assume he hangs out with Mr Jingles… Stop looking at my emails, the sun is the main event you creep.
So here he is in his fully vectored goodness.

I didn’t realise before that Illustrator didn’t do inner shadows. It’s something that even inDesign does as a vector, so what the hell is going on there. So if you go to pull apart how I made the vector you’l notice that there is some clipping mask weirdness going on.
I made a white box around Sunny, with the sun shape cut out of it, the did a drop shadow. I then made a clipping mask the same shape as the sun and used that on the white box, thus the only thing the clipping mask shows is the drop shadow. This should create the effect of an inner shadow quite nicely without to much effing around. Oh I used CS5, this sort of problem might not be a problem anymore in Illustrator CC, but I doubt it.
I don’t know what to think of CC. I guess it’s cool. I like the idea that there won’t be any new versions, just a continually updated product.