Note, you’l have to rotate it a couple degrees clockwise to get it into the same orientation as the original. Sorry about that oversight. This is one of those logos that are impossible to find anywhere, because elections are boring as hell, so no fanboys are ever gonna go out and try and get some extra hits by blatantly plagiarizing it and handing it on for free like it’s their god given right.
Little parties are starting to pop up everywhere. First someone noticed that Peter Dunne wasn’t meant to be hanging around the beehive anymore, and was loitering around the outskirts nicking biscuits and tea. So he had to go off and make himself legit again. Then the hugely fantastic Civilian Party started up and now there’s rumours of this Pakeha Party, whose main achievement so far is getting a bunch of likes on Facebook & making a pile of people get defensive about race relations.