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Matt the Writer keeps me pretty starved for compliments when it comes to drawing this thing. He normally taunts me with all his writerly amenities like free time and self respect and a working toilet, while I’m locked away in my cage. Beavering away in blue, red, purple and black. But in an email he had these words to say about the latest episode “Hey these are coooool. Nice one man!” 5 stars, ten out of ten, three thumbs up,  arbitrary measurement out of bar graphs tops!

But really what I’m trying to say is, FEZ(on the PC) feels like a buggy ass game and I’m gonna go back to playing Farcry 3. And the default controls? I felt like I was being trolled. Enter does what esc should? Ok dokie. I’m sure you have your reasons Mr. Angry Sideburns. Gorgeous looking game though!