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This ones getting posted at an odd time, but we’ll still be updating again on Sunday. Me ‘n Matt got all excited after going to Chromacon on Sunday. We’re really trying to churn out a decent website for Snow now, as well as getting the story itself cranking.
Seriously though, it’s great having an event like that happening in our little country. Armageddon and Overload just don’t cut it in my opinion.
I’ll talk all about it in a different post though. Matt took some photos that I want to steal and put up here.

Aaron Gilmore. He may share a similar name to our comics Aaron, but that’s where the resemblance ends. I kind of wanted to discuss his whole thing. When my opinions formed he hadn’t bailed out of being in cabinet yet. So in light of all that has happened I want to raise a couple things.
Do we really care? Seriously. Absolutely no one ever voted for him. He has no constituents to which he’s answerable too. No one to front up to when he’s being a dick, other than old Johnny Latchkey. This is an argument I’ve actually heard brought up by people who are of the First Past the Post persuasion. Under that system you would at least have a large screening process for all the wack jobs and weirdos who currently slip in under the party vote.
Secondly, does the media have the right to fire someone? Cause that’s essentially what happens. I saw one interviewer asking him over and over again whether he “promises to fall on your sword if you ever fudge up again.” Watching the “interview” and then comparing it with the events that started the whole made it all laughable. You can’t make a promise to some self righteous person with a microphone that you’ll quit your job if you do it again. The air was thick with irony as the room of journalists told him he was an ugly bully who should have died as he crawled out of his mum.
Third, yeah he represents us and he should have been a bit more in control of himself. But he did a pretty mint job of representing what your average New Zealander is like. Just saying. There’s a little Aaron Gilmore in all of us.