Yay! The blobby people are back! I’ve missed drawing them.
I originally did this for a Silent Comic Appreciation Day thing. But I totally missed the deadline because my computer kamikazed when I suggested to it that it should try dual screening. Since then I got a sweet graphics card, a Radeon HD 7800. I’m playing Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2 on the max settings I can get them on and it’s handling them super smoothly. Not a single jitter or lag. In terms of drawing stuff I can finally run all the graphics acceleration stuff on Photoshop that I avoided before.
With that said, my game of choice at the moment is Brogue. It works amazingly on iPad as well! So I’m able to die in lots of interesting ways while I’m on the bus now!
As roguelike games go, this one would make an excellent starting point for beginners. The UI is intuitive to use, and you can use the mouse entirely to play or the keyboard if you’re feeling in the mood.
The image below was drawn for the Youth group newsletter I do (I guess you’d call it a charity job). I try and get a bit wack on the designing, just trying whatever comes to mind. I’ve made the guy with the chainsaws their unofficial mascot. I feel like this image sums up youth perfectly.