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I’m very disappointed in you guys. No one told me that the last episode featured an unbearded version of Aaron! What an embarrassment.

My own personal theory into why Hero is so damn strong is that all he ever eats is steroids and strong people.
I hope you’ve all had a rocking Easter! Yay, the first non offensive thing you’ve read about Easter on the internet. Now there’s a curveball. I think offensive humour is something that should take you by surprise, zombie Jesus jokes are to easy. Mixing ironic casual racism into a criticism of anti-gay protestors however is a lot harder. Trust me, I tried it over lunch yesterday and it went down about as good as a helium balloon in an anti gravity chamber.

I’d like to take a second to do a shout out to people who have been kind enough to shout me out or use my thingies elsewhere on the web. Fidgetfu is using the Dwarf Fortress font on his DF Mac plugin hosted on github. I haven’t got a Mac to try it out, but I’m sure if you play DF then it will be a handy plugin.
Another dorfy type dude got inspired by me apparently, and you should also check him out! His writing is quite good and so is his other pixel stuff.