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I came down with a bit of something, so took the free time I had to cram one of these out. Matt went easy on me when he wrote this one. Although I don’t think he realized that drawing people arm wrestling is harder than drawing talking heads.

It’s weird writing for the Snow posts, I generally presume that people that read this probably are skipping through just the Snow posts and are missing out all the other random garbage I plonk on here. This thread of posts almost exists on its own time continuum. Just an odd thought I had.
People watching in the city is a fantastic past time, I’d recommend it if it didn’t come as a passive occupation to everyone anyway. There are the easy people to watch, like the crazy guy in front of St Matthews whos new persona is that of someone from a rap video. He pelvic thrusts, grabs his crotch, and goes “HA HAaa!” at passing cars. And then there are the slightly harder people to spot. Like the Asian dude trying to kiss his (I hope) girlfriend, who really really doesn’t like public displays of affection. Poor guy, he’s just trying to kill some time as he waits at the lights! Cut him a break!