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Hey there Internet users, Matt here (I write most of this stuff, if you were wondering). Izak’s internet is pretty much unusable at the moment. Mine isn’t much better, we’ve both managed to reach our data limit at the same time and so our computers basically give up loading any given page half way through. I’ve managed to circumvent this by using my phone’s data, which is pretty sweet. So we’re only a couple of hours late for your weekly helping of these chilly escapades. Hopefully nobody noticed. In fact, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it. Oh well. 
While I’m here, I wan’t to thank our readers for the feedback we’ve been getting. It’s really great to hear that people are enjoying reading this as much as we’ve been enjoying making it. I know those last couple sentences are a huge cliché but that’s because they so adequately sum up the situation and it would seem rude not to thank anyone who helps to validate the production of this story.
Anyway, Izak should be back to talking about whatever he feels like at the time of posting each episode next week. 
See ya.