I’ve been busy online recently with one thing or another. I’m starting to get a healthy amount of non-uni drawing in, which feels refreshing. If you want to see the full image of the one above click here (NSFW). That’s right! I contributed to the “Sext me all your nudes” project. Hope it makes you lol. Next time your sexting someone download and send them my picture. It’l totally turn them on.
Also if you noticed that the guy actually looks like a giant penis then you win the Freudian test.
This one’s for a Moxy article. These are my first attempt at 8bit portraits. Didn’t turn out that bad I think, definitely improved on my zombie one though.
This one’s a portrait of Becky. She’s finished the intro on her comic btw! You can check it out in it’s 15 page entirety on her blog. We’re big Walking Dead fans now. Many romantic evenings have been spent watching nuts people hassle each other while brain dead zombies shuffle around, then after watching the OC we switch over to The Walking Dead. It made sense to make Becky a zombie, since we’ve agreed that she’d totally be one of the first to go. I’d just have to assume that she didn’t make it. Weak ankles and opting out of “Fight or Flight” in favour of “Freeze” doesn’t leave her with very good odds. Although she insists that in a Tyrannosaurus situation, her freeze maneuver would work flawlessly.

 This one’s of a dude on G+, Working on my portrait skills. Btw if you’re interested in getting drawn up I can do commissions. I don’t know about overseas postage of prints and stuff though. But I can definitely hook you up with some 8bit stuff if you’re keen. My Paypal needs to get filled up.