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Short episode this week. Matt’s going easy on me due to my final hand in on Monday. After that we’ll get into the swing of things again.
Bought and played through episode 3 of The Walking Dead game on the iPad. It didn’t feel as intense as the previous episode, but there were still bits that made me jump/get my heart rate up. And holy shit, the group felt pretty small at the end there. I’d post my stats, but it’s too much like spoilers for anyone who hasn’t played it yet (unless you got it on Steam, in which case you’l be done and gone with the game by the time episode 4 comes out on the iPad.)

Also got the Penny Arcade “On The Rain-slick Precipice of Darkness” game as well. It seems pretty standard so far. Only just started playing, but the writing is decent! Of course.

Pure Pwnage is kickstarting a movie! It’s hit its goal, but you can always support it more! Me ‘n Matt used to watch Pure Pwnage way way back in the day. It’s cool to see it getting up and going in some way. This is also a scientific video to see if you can really run faster with a knife. You may be surprised by the results. It’s from the unreleased episode 19.