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Aaron may not have got a lot out of Elissa, but she can sure get a lot out of him. you may be wondering why the third panel has such an obscene face, well it’s because of how Matt wrote the script.

“How far away is that?”
“Like two whole days!”
“Well then I take it back, oh great explorer.”
A  ಠ_ಠ

We did our second to last hand in, and final class at uni EVER on Thursday. It was a great presentation all ’round. Nicole had a “scary” video that went along with her products, at the end it had a sudden black out and a scream. Four or five of us at the back shrieked our heads off when it got to the point, scaring the bijeezes out of a few people I’m sure.

During my presentation I made the allusion to my stamp actually being a butt plug which doubled as a stamp. It was an easy joke, everyone was thinking it, I just needed to say it. While everyone was working on their books right before hand in I drew a comic, although its whereabouts are a big fat