…And I feel like there should be something wrong with that. Of course there really isn’t. The first birthday is really for the parents, like a congratulatory celebration of having proved they can survive one of the most difficult periods of person raising. I would just like to note for everyone that I find the drawing of Ben, Kate, and Elijah (The little bro) to be super cute.
Ben and Nat were surprised at my choice of beverages, considering they had spent the entirety of Bens stag do trying to get me drunk, to little avail. Is it a crime to tip beer out when no ones looking? No, cause it’s disgusting. I’ve been told that us Taylors are all “top shelf” drinkers. Which I agree with, after being told what they were. “Spirits, Bourbon and stuff. RTD’s.” “Oh ok. RTD’s… What does that stand for?” “…. I have no idea.” “Sounds like a disgusting virus to me.”
Wait… Isn’t top shelfing when you take a dump in the top tank part of a toilet?