Bro over bro! BRO OVER!
This is my worst fears of what tomorrow brings, drawn today! Feverishly, between finishing my essay. It’s in the clean up phase at the moment, as well as a little fleshing out just to get my wordcount up there. (1333 / 1500)

As I haven’t got time to say anything, I will leave you with a little Denison Witmer. He’s been keeping my ears company for the last couple hours. He was recommended by Relient K (Mostly because their publishing his latest album for him through their studio Mono vs. Stereo.) He’s quite relaxed, and everythings just acoustic. So only listen to it if your not in the mood to get ragey. (Also go find his Facebook page and play “Hold on”, it’s good.) Also “Carry the Weight” is a good one I have found so far. (If this thing starts autoplaying tell me and Ill delete it faster than you can say