This one happened tonight as my sister was going through my essay (currently at 1114 / 1500). She had the TV muted, and while absolutely NO ONE was interested in sport, the kids found it completely unbearable to have a muted television on that they weren’t even paying attention to. Adam, caught in a blinding fervor to set the world right comes dashing into the lounge, dripping, and holding onto a towl and attempts to wrestle the remote from little Sarahs hands. She valiantly fends off her attacker when Rebekkah yells at Adam “Get some clothes on Adam! No one wants to see you naked!” Adam looked shocked at his mother,and then turned away with a hurt sounding “Fine.” as if he was blessing the world with the gift of himself, and to throw it back in his face like that was rude and an uncalled for offence.

I almost ran out of day for drawing this one, I noticed 5 minutes to twelve.
Time to get back to my essay I guess.
Oh but first go check out the 100 days of Street Art blog. A few images I snapped are on there. I seriously suggest that if your ever bored, and have a camera, go for a wander round town and support the street art community! The net is always looking for new images and inspiration. Do your bit for the international art gallery. If your in Auckland or NZ I’m always keen to host pics. It’s been a while since I have.