I have told todays story to much today. I feel like flagging it. But this is the place where the words I say become regrettably immortalized.
So ill start with thanking people. Harry, your time, car and quips over the day are the only thing that saved me from an even worse day. at LEAST five creaming sodas are coming your way.
Becky, thanks for just being in the same situation as me. XD

So today yesterdays doodle came true. Except they didn’t cut my arm off. We need to get our booklets printed for tomorrows class. On friday we were hoping to get it done. We were told by the printers they would have it done by the end of the day. But we got jerked around until it was to late to go somewhere else with the lines “Oops, turns out our printers were totally broken the whole time. lololololol.”
So we sweatily waited out the weekend, hoping that when we made our return on Monday they would give us a more desirable response…
10:00am It was unforthcoming. Turns out they hadn’t done jack since Friday. To compound problems I also completely forgot my usb. I tried finding my files on their computers but they must have renamed it from InsideShitV3.pdf to something more polite. And so we roll to my place, got my usb and went to another printers.
11:30am Now I have to say Lineset design and print limited is a pretty slick setup. I walked in boldly, ready to give my specs of what I needed, when all I could muster to the dude at the computer was “YOU LOOK FAMILIAR.” and then petered off, asking Harry to say what we needed.
We were instilled with confidence this guy could get the job done. So fully pacified we left to go kill some time till he was done.
3:35pm Both his printers broke.
4:00pm Back at Cardelle’s were still failing to get any decent results from their printer. Harry at this point has to split to get to work. Me and Becky continue our quest alone.
4:30pm we manage to find some generic printing place. Two ladies run it, and the general impression they give off is that of someone who has spent 2000 bucks on a laptop which they only use to check their emails on, but tell you excitedly that it CAN do other things. Like file away digital photos and play solitaire sometimes.
4:40pm They get our junk printed and we happily go home.

5:00pm The work day is concluded for all the printers around town.

5:10pm We suddenly realize we set the font to wingdings before publishing it.

Ha kidding. That would suck.