This may need an explanation. At the beginning of the year me ‘n Harry took it upon ourselves to channel our creativity into doing characters to stick to the wall at uni, rather than doing actual work. over the year others added to the wall, and eventually Becky joined us in our endeavor. It became quite a sizable collection, and it seemed sad to let them get thrown away or split apart. So we created a book for them to live in.
The quotes are all Becky’s doing. She always has her moleskin within grabbing distance for when someone says something quotable. you know your awesome when you appear more than once in there. A few of the best from uni have been added. They’re all entirely out of context with the characters, but hey, most of them are still as dirty as they were when they were originally spoken.
You can tell which are my toons because they were drawn with a really light pencil which makes them almost impossible to see. Harry’s are the ones with no souls. Becky’s are the most subtle, with her name written on the leg of her characters. Lol. Only a few.
(Oh yes, this has been added to the Library.)