oh please click me all over.

Man the weather has been kickin’ lately. Way to good to be spending indoors. I guess I have a pretty sweet deal with my part time job. My hours are all up to me and I can do ’em whenever. This allows for the ability to SUPER SLACK. But fortunatly I grew up as a homeschooler so self directed work is big bubbles no troubles.
A few may have noticed that the Library page has had a recent addition (As of the begining of this week). May I present to you my latest project, finished and digitally bound for your viewing pleasure. If you enjoyed it please, show your friends. Spam Facebook with your undying love for it. Tell Twitter in watered down english your joy of finding this. Go on Bebo and tell the bros to give it a gander. Go on Myspace and sit there for ages trying to remember your password before eventually giving up because everyones on facebook anyways.
I Broke The Rainbow! A collection of whimsical illustrations and comics.