Jeeze, where’d the last two or so weeks go? Let it not be said Izak is a slacker during the holidays. Although in reflection I can’t tell you any specifics of whats been happening. Shuttling inbetween here and the North shore, Sitting on rooves at night, taking photos of well meaning drunkards, painting like mad, getting addicted to minecraft, and cutting a camping trip in half because of paranoid parents.
Oh yes, So I’m walking down Lincoln Road late at night with Vanilla Fiction, and we see this guy at the bus stop. He’s a few light posts away and we see him talk to a taxi driver and then sit back down. As we get closer he gets up and starts walking away. He suddenly turns around and yells to us “They’re coming back!! They’re gonna come back!” and then proceeds to put down his BK cup, takes the lid and straw off, and leaves the cup on the ground. He then sprints off down the street. Me ‘n Vanilla turn to each other “Shall we turn around now” “Yeah” “Yeah lets” “Lets go” “Yeah” and then turn around and put as much distance between us and the perfectly sane, totally not on anything guy.

Tomorrow (*Glances at the time*) I mean later on today, Ill be in town so hopefully I’ll have lots graf shots to show you all when I get back.