So here I am, listening to Mutemaths Armistice live album. ‘Typical’ is rocken. The weather is warm and muggy, even at 9pm, I’m in shorts and I’m sweating like a pig starting to have withdrawal symptoms. I’ve finally got my internet running on my PC again. and yeah, I’ve been hanging with my bestest friends all day since we all participated in the Christmas parade together that my mum puts together.
But I’m still getting a sick feeling inside. Why? Let me bring you to earlier this week.

I get home one day, turn on my computer. The internet runs for a bit. Then dies. I restart the network. Nothing. Turn the compy off then on again. Ah there we go, internet up and ru-heywhatthefudge. it stopped again. Ok. Repeat and rinse i guess. Oh fine, don’t work at all. I never needed the internet anyway, apart from entertaining me, and being my main source of work. Whats web admin without the web? Your just an admin with nothing to do. It’s like having a boat without that big blue wobbly thing that goes underneath it.

But never fear! For I have church laptop. It will suffice as being my gateway to the net till I get my network card replaced. It worked great, two or three whole days. And then I go to turn it on. Nothing. The light comes on, but other than that its about as responsive to my prodding as an apathetic corpse.

Well thats just FANTASTIC. I’m told that it’s probably something on the motherboard frying itself. “Common Dell problem sorry. 🙂 theres a 5% chance its the ram though.”
Ok. Well fortunately for the internet I got myself a big arse cable so I can network with the router the good old fashioned way, where problems are usually due to rats or cute kittens nibbling their way through the wire. While a wireless card just decides to shoot itself in the face. I don’t know why sophisticated machinery has to be armed. I guess its so they have a choice or something.
This, coupled with my episode from a few weeks back gives me the distinct feeling that technology is telling me to rack off.
But hey, somethings got to be going wrong, it’s not like I haven’t got the best damn life around if all I have to complain about is technology falling stricken at my feet.

40x40cm / pen on big ol blocka wood.