Ah just in time. The bits that are shot in the dark were from a power cut. The beginning will probably be quite embarrassing for me in a week or so. Or right now. Ah well. Being a dick and putting it on the internet is a weakness we all cave to occasionally. Hang on a second. When did I loose my armband? I don’t even remember taking it off. Aww. Oh well.
Oh yes. Random update about the laptop situation. I take it to church this morning and show Robby Steel Menzies the problem. Fortunatly he brought his lappy so we could get by. My pastor comes along and I stop him, and with a somber face I say “I’m sorry Peter. But I’ve lost a dear friend… So have you. And Robert.” He’s looking a little perplexed at this point. I press the on button on the laptop and it whirs into life. “Huh.. NEVER MIND SHOO SHOO. Leave. Ha ha, NOTHINGS WRONG AT ALL. Go away, Oh, wait, what did you want?”
Theories as to why the laptop started working was devine intervention, heathen girlfriends breaking it, and my room being extremely moist, to the point where sometimes I wake up thinking I’m in a swamp. I have yet to try to turn the laptop on for a second time.