On the fourth day of raiding, Puddle and Flange met a tall
slim Elf, who when asked replied that her name was Sushi (maybe with a hint of
As they made acquaintances with each other a pale, lank
haired man strode into the Tavern. He stood at the door and with a rasped voice
exclaimed “If you go back to the cave, you will take the place of those that
you felled.”
Puddle and Sushi looked at him oddly. “Is that it?” “Uh..
Yes.. I think so.. Don’t come back.” They looked at the man disapprovingly
until it got awkward and he left.
As they made their way from the tavern township towards the cave
they could hear wolves howling in the distance. When they reached the
crossroads two wolves emerged behind them, unable to hide in the tree lines any
longer. Their snarling and howling attracted two goblin scouts who had been
patrolling the area. The two wolves circled and attacked Sushi and Flange.
Puddle created sounds behind the Goblins to distract and
confuse them until The more physical fighters could dispatch the wolves.
When they reached the cave they headed into the second
entrance (For a change of scenery). They pushed Sushi to the front as they
walked in. Around them they could see Kobolds nervously watching them, with
their spears at the read.
Puddle Began to talk to one of the Kobolds. He found out
they had a “master” of sorts. And when led to a second chamber the party came
face to face with a young white dragon.
Puddle realized that he had seen this dragon in the pool of
water earlier.
The Dragon spoke in stilted common to them, and soon the
party found out that the Dragon despised Malareth, the dark magician, who had
invaded part of his lair.
Two Kobolds were ordered to go with the party as they headed
further in to face off with Malareth.
They burst through the door to scare the shit out of a
Goblin, who ran away and called for “Kurrash”. Kurrash a tall, matted
bugbear,came pushing through the door.
Him and his pals totally got whipped. But not before killing
the two Kobolds.
With this done the party decided that was enough for the
day, and headed home. No need to rush things.
Harry or someone did it.