I have been neglecting the blog until I got some decent photos about what I want to talk about. Unfortunatly not having facebook has given me a slight disadvantage of being able to quickly snatch shots my friends took.

Long story short, I saw Relient K live at Vector. It was totally bitchin, and will get more of an explanation when I get some photos.
But for now I have a paltry offering of final hand ins for this year. First of all, holy cow. Year 2 has gone waaaay to fast. It’s been good, and I’m sure it’l get even better with year 3.
Me ‘n Harry (Whom Keir can now vouch for, He does exist) pumped out a rebranding of Tip Tops Callipo, He was in charge of the words thing, while I did the design. It looks quite a lot like this actually. If we didn’t go with Quazipop our second option was Frugasm.Which I think is a DELIGHTFUL name for a tube shaped treat.

And lets not forget my nerds guide to Auckland! I’m only putting the front cover online, because to be honest.. I’m not to proud of it. Ten points to whoever can tell me where that rabbit first appeared! Ill give you a clue! He appeared here! Woops, I suck at clues. Oh well. Have fun kids.