..Is something I realized just now. Which has inspired me to write this post. You see the other day something truly spectacular happened to me. It was my first time. And well, you would think it would be a whole lot more traumatic than it really is. I mean there was blood and stuff and I thought there was some glass stuck in there, but passing out really isn’t really such a big deal.
You see once in a blue moon I’m prone to get super pissed off. Usually it’s because of the computer not doing what I tell it to. or maybe it’s the fabled male period i’ve heard rumors about. Either way it didn’t change the fact that my tablet lagged every time I tried drawing anything on photoshop. So I resorted to rearranging the mouse with a technical “Hulk Smash”. Unfortunatly the glass cup beside the mouse got involved in the tussle and shattered everywhere. Hand: 1 Glass: 0 Mouse: Oddly untouched. So I’m like crap, looking at the side of my hand to the shards of cup everywhere. There’s a decent puncture and I can see about a cm into the side of my hand. So I close up photoshop and stuff and go down to mum in the other room. “Hey I think there’s glass in it.” I waver. She tells me to sit down while she gets plasters. she leaves the room and I sit down, looking at the side of my hand with blood popping out of it. Then the edges of my vision darken out and then I’m on my face on the floor. Mum’s waking me up. It felt like a really good sleep but I had only been out for a few seconds. My breathing was all constricted, I don’t know if that was the fainting or perhaps getting myself in the gut on the way down. Anyway I was fine and my hand was dissappointingly ok. I have had worse cuts and bruises that deserve passing out, but to be honest this one wasn’t so bad. On the upside I couldn’t feel the carpet burn on my face or the tweezers poking about in the side of my hand.
The moral of this story, make sure you do a full virus scan, disk clean up and defrag before resorting to any sort of violence. Be it with your computer or friends, family and strangers. The ridiculousness of running away from a brewing domestic to go do spring cleaning on your computer will be sure to sooth any situation.

R.I.P. Totally sweet coke cup.

Second situation in which I have realized I’m slowly loosing grip on my own body is this strange prickliness I’m getting lately. Whenever I get a hot flush (Aka getting embarrased, running, walking, doing anything strenuous) I get super super itchy. I was in the shops today and I looked as though I had flees. I wonder if its some sort of crazy allergy or something. Its only just started happening. 0_0

R.I.P. The bygone days of non itchiness, If I had known our moments together where fleeting I would have treasured them all the more.