Chris ‘n Zara looking at Aux from the waitakeres

Aight well this week has been huge so I should start at the begining of the week and work my way forward like a good person who believes in linearity. Monday I started back at uni, and for the rest of the week I skipped it. Ha! Take that first impressions of a new semester!
Tuesday, Chris, Zara, Jono, Izak the awesome, and little Chris drove off to the tron to attend regular sized chris’s bible study. We got treated like aucklanders strangely enough. And had various friendly jibes pointed our way. After that we went back to civilization.
Wednesday through to today (Saturday) on the other hand, is a completely different story in which deserves its own post. So that’s what I shall do.
Here I found another old Bone sticker on our way back from the tron. I gapped it out the car to get it. Ha ha. Never let it be said I sit idly by and let iconic stickers slip past.