Well I couldn’t decide what I should do in this post. I guess I’m going to just have to hold back on everything I was going to share. For now Ill skip back to three days ago. I haven’t gone for a graff hunting trip in a while with a decent camera. There’s been this spot on central park drive that I have been meaning to get at for a while now. I had to find a way in though, the whole place is barbed wired up, but if some graff heads can get in then so can I! And I did. After prowling around it, looking for the hole. Heh heh, shifty eyes.

You can see this one from Lincoln Road, near the motorway end, it’s massive. I never knew what it said before. But it gave me a good lol when I did.

And randomly by chance I saw these guys tagging up a wall. Kind of a cool way to end the day.