Wow. I have really left this blog alone for far to long. I’m at uni now. Like week four. Its awesome thus far. I was gonna do a “0 week and what I saw” series. But since uni isn’t new to me anymore, And I didn’t DO anything during 0 week I didn’t.

But something that has been planned since before I went back to uni, and which only came to fruition this weekend was Matts surprise 21st. Wooo. Well, he wasn’t surprised he was 21. But he was a bunch of people were at his house after our epic day in Hamilton. Let me get the background story out of the way with the use of emails Between myself and MK1, the best comic book store in NZ. Or at least Hamilton.
(This is a recreation of the first message I sent them Since I don’t have a copy.)
Hi There, Big fan of your store. Got A lot of My munchkin collection from you guys. I would like to order munchkin “Blank Cards” The christmas munchkin, and Faerie munchkin expansion packs. We’ll come down from Aux to pick them up. Since I’m freaking out right now I’ll just tell you the situation so I can feel a bit better. I have to get my friend out of the house for the day, and well, He doesn’t go outside much. The only other way I can think to lure him out Is by telling him that there Is a free prerelease of Mass Effect 2 hidden under a rock in Rotorua. He’s also A big fan of munchkin, and we have come down to Hamz before to get some from you guys. I realize you guys send things via mail for free, and hopefully he doesn’t look on your site and find that out. If he does you could just tell us that you don’t send things to Dirty ugly aucklanders.
Anyway, sorry for rambling.
Thanks for the comments – I’ve never been able to source the Waiting For Santa Munchkin cards separately sorry – they were sold as part of the Christmas munchkin edition (which I’ve now sold out of and wasn’t planning on restocking till next Christmas!) I could certainly reorder for you – but it won’t be here till mid/late next week at the earliest! That’s also the next chance that our supplier will have Muchkin Fairy Dust on hand as well… sorry we struck out but thanks for the entertaining web submission!
Oh the timing is fine. I have to get him outa the house on the 13th of march so that should be plenty of time to order anything in. Hmm, Don’t worry about christmas munchkin in that case.

Is it still possible to get blank cards still? That would be a cool alternative.
Thanks for your patients. And glad it was entertaining. Ha ha.
All good – I’ll let you know when the Muchkin Fairy Dust arrives – and when I hear back about the blank cards..

Hi man. any word?
No two suppliers have it on order for us but both are still waiting supply from SJG.
Ok. Ill be coming up this saturday. We could pretend that the blender pack was one I had specially ordered and have it on hold. Ha ha.
Only problem is the Blender pack isn’t instock.. I have a shipment arriving midweek – so I’ll update you with those arrivals after unpacking. Luckily I won’t be about this weekend – fortunate because I have a horrible poker face…. Staff member won’t know a thing (and furthermore he’s of the “won’t care either” variety so any discussion of not sending up etc will go unreacted to.

Here’s what we have of an SJG nature right here right now:
*A list*
hmmm ok. It would be cool if I asked for the order and you guys could be like “oops, We screwed up, Your order doesn’t exist anymore, but we can send it down to you when we find it!” That could be a good compromise.
There’s got to be another option . .. If you can’t think of anything (be it another reason to get out of town or another SJG item) I’m sure you will get a response along those lines because my staff member really won’t know anything about it…. hopefully you don’t give him to hard a time because A: I don’t pay him enough and B: He has a pretty short fuse….

There’s another store near us that may have Blender or Munchkin Fairy Dust on hand – I’ll see if they do and you can always grab off them..
Last resort: I have a few munchkin things (like a lil Cthulhu toy and demo cards) I can always pack these together and you can tell your mate you won a “Pick up from shop” Trademe auction for rare promotional munchkin items… as long as he doesn’t get too close a look at the cards he’ll be none the wiser…
Aww I couldn’t take your stuff man. He would really wanna see the cards anyway. He’s quite enraptured by them as well.. Ha ha, Don’t worry, I won’t blow my top at your guy just for show. Ill just look gutted for a bit and then tell my mate “Hey I got all this money now, Lets go see a friggin movie!” And that should keep us away from aux long enough for everyone to get their act together at home.

there’s another comic book store in hamz? No way! Oh wait, you mean the one by the bus depot with all the warhammer.I know the one. If you can grab it off them and put it aside for me that would be great. Then at least it wouldn’t look like I made everything up. Ha ha.
That last one was sent the day before we left, So no reply over the weekend. Anyway, We went there and I did the whole routine of “Ah guts, you guys don’t have it in? Can you send it? Sweet.”
I got Matt Munchkin Bites and the expansion and the guy there got us a discount on it, CAUSE THAT STORE IS PRO.
We went and saw Wolfman, Which was quite a lot less pro than MK1. Quite a lot.
To be honest there is a lot about that day I want to write down, it was epic fun. But I fear I would rather enjoy my evening playing games or drawing, So I’ll bullet point my main memories.
“Man the sky is blue!”
Got lost on the way in, looking for parking.
Got a crazy energy drink That tasted like Chinese Gooseberries. We had to double team it to make it go away.
Went to MK1 and went wow at all the comics.
Went to the movies and laughed at wolfmen.
Got some eats from subway. (Later got told off for feeding Matt)
Found a bookstore, Matt got bored and I found RPG books.
“Hey look its a violin” “THATS WHAT I SAID BEFORE”
Went looking for the Rockshop, couldnt find it so we went back to MK1 and asked them where it was. It was around the corner…
Got a pick.
Went to pac ‘n slut and DIDN’T find pirate beer. Gutted, Maybe next time.
Found Nicolian and chatted for a bit. (We were already late for the party by now)
“Whatareyoudoingthatsmynewfavouritesong AUAHHH!!”
“There can’t be this many people going to Lady Gaga.”
“Hey why’s Haydens car here?”
4 glasses of beer. People are shocked and awed that all my morals have gone out the window.
Biffing glowsticks.
A speech about how Matt smelled like poo when we first met.
Watching a slideshow of him growing up realizing he looks completely different from his 4 year old counterpart.
Realized Chris Rust looks like Micheal with a beard.
Went home and crashed like a mother f-