I have done this before, last time I did an essay probably. So here it is. A rundown of my essay written in three minutes and thirty three seconds, and to time It I’m using Streetlight Manifestos “They Provide The Paint For The Picture-Perfect Masterpiece That You Will Paint On The Insides Of Your Eyelids” (This is also to celebrate the release of their new album “99 songs of revolution”) The song is an extra second, don’t let that kill the experience though. Lol

Here goes:
Ok so the question I was asking myself was about whether design was a reflection of cultural change or was bringing about the change. Obviously it was a reflection of the thought patterns of various time periods. To think that one sector of society like Art and design could totally overthrow the way people thought would be Egotistical to say the least. I think its loltacular how no matter what course you do at uni, your told that its the most important thing EVER. And that if the world didn’t have people like you we would be in a nuclear holocaust right now or something. Anyways, I wrote about futurists (1900s). They were kinda scitzo tbh. They glorified war, hated woman (?), Hated museums/libraries and the past. They thought We should burn all those old relics and stuff. Which is stupid since where would we put all their-
Crap. Ran outa time. Oh well. Its in the past now. (forgets everything and goes and plays a game)